Saturday, May 29, 2010


You are beautiful
Because you are emotional
Just like me
You can be sad, happy, angry
And always i will get affected
Sometimes people see you as nothing
Yet to me
You are always beautiful
You look dull but glittering inside
You let my imagination to run free
And my spirit to go free
You are like a drug to me
Once you appear
You conquer my mind, my heart and my soul
You make me think of nothing
Except you
You are the best companion
That I ever have
And the most faithful one too
You will always be in my mind
Even withough my ears

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sex Education in Malaysia

To and not to implement sex education as one of the subjects taught in primary and secondary schools is a highly debatable issue since last year. Proposal has been sent to the parliament but there’s still no real action taken to carry out this proposal as government is concerning about the cost problem. However, if there is a will, there is a way. We can’t reject the whole proposal just because of one little problem. Sex education is urgently needed to prevent pregnancy among teenagers and to create awareness among teenage girls about the dangers involved as well as the responsibilities of such relationships.

During the transition period, teenagers are exposed to many new things including sex. Due to their curiosity towards sex plus they are shy to ask for more information from parents and teachers since sex is a taboo in the society, they will turn to friends, websites or even online friends whom they barely know to find out the truth about sex. These are unreliable sources of information which will most probably mislead the teenagers about sex. Sex is all about fun is a very wrong concept obtained by teenagers from media and friends. It can lead to a great increase in teenage pregnancy and that’s why, we need sex education conducted by specially trained teachers to reorient them about sex. We will “brain wash” them that responsibility always come with sex. We would tell the girls that they have the right to say no. We will warn the boys that girls are not solely sex objects. With that, teenage pregnancy can be reduced or even prevented.

In 2006, study done by University of Malaya had shown that 25% of 2005 girls surveyed believed that they could get pregnant by just sleeping next to a man. A survey conducted by National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) in August revealed that half of the 1,700 respondents, aged between 13 – 24 years old did not know how babies were born, while 2 out of 5 did not know where the foetus developed. This high level of ignorance among teenagers about rudimentary sexual and reproductive health causes them to be so vulnerable to become the victim of rapists. Someone might have raped them but unfortunately, they still don’t know what is happening. They might accidentally get conceived but due to ignorance about pregnancy and prenatal care, they pay no attention to take care of themselves during pregnancy and this can lead to various problems which endanger not only the going-to-born baby and the mother. The opponent of this issue might say that we are actually trying to encourage free sex among teenagers but this is totally incorrect. Learning about the moral values and values taught by different religion in Malaysia is part of the syllabus of sex education. Our main purpose of implementing sex education is to prevent pregnancy but if it fails to do so for some teenagers, at least we are able to reduce the fatality rate among babies conceived by teenagers and teenage mothers as they are well-equipped with knowledge about prenatal care. Therefore, it is really important to implement sex education in primary and secondary schools.

Food Drive

“Food Drive”, it is actually an activity suggested by my English lecturer to help the homeless person. I was shocked to find out that there are actually many homeless people living in this urban city. If he never discuss about this issue in class, I would never realize the presence of these homeless people.

People tend to assume something doesn’t exist when they never see that but this is totally incorrect. We can’t see them doesn’t mean they doesn’t present. I, myself can be a very good example. Currently, I am staying in two and the half storey student house in Bandar Utama, I have college van to fetch me to and fro from college every day, I have mountain high of stylish and colourful shirts to be chosen to put on every day, I have lots of choices of food to eat and most importantly, I have enough money to spend for my daily expenses, to be more specific, not the money I earned through my hard work, but money that I can easily obtained from my parents. For those homeless people, my life is like a paradise, yet, I still asking for more. I request for more beautiful clothes, I demand for mouth-watering food to taste every day for every meal and I keep claiming for more and more. I am always clear on what I am lack of but I never see what I have already possessed, including a healthy body and a peaceful life.

Lecturer pointing this issue out in class brings our attention towards the less fortunate people who live so close to us but we feel their presence. Unlike us, they are deprived of shelter, food and other basic necessities. They need our help and we can definitely lend them our helping hands by donating them some food stuff that can be stored for a long time such as biscuits. One packet of biscuits might seem very insignificant for us but to them, there is nothing else they desperately ask for except for any food which can keep their stomach from grumbling. They seriously need our help and we shouldn’t give false reasons to excuse ourselves from giving them assistance. If we have money to buy squander on all the luxuries, why can’t we afford to pay for a small packet of biscuits?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Answer for phrasal verb

1. Hundreds of people turned up in the rain to see the celebrity.
2. Most of my time is taken away with answering the phone.
3. Don't be put off by the price,a cool $ 20,000.
4. Something funny is going on.
5. I think she made up the whole story!
6. Not many people turned up for the last lecture.
7. Don't worry,you can count on me.

Answer for word collocation

a)an instrument panel
a panel of experts
a control panel
a wooden panel

b) a secret ballot
a secret agent
keep it a secret
meet in secret
the secret of success

c) take control of the situation
it's out of control
the control exchange
the control market

d) a time sheet
a time zone
only time will tell
long time no see
for the time being

e) a child minder
child abuse
child care facilities
a child prodigy
behaving like a child

Answer for word collocation

1. Many small houses and huts were (flooded away/washed away) when the river bursts its banks.
2. Poor farming methods are responsible for soil (devaluation/erosion )in many areas of Saharan African.
3. During the earthquake,many people were( /covered )alive.
4. The forest fire left a wide area of the mountainside blackened and (ablaze/smouldering).
5. Villagers are hoping for rain this month after nearly a year of (dry weather/drought.)
6. Before the hurricane struck,many people were (evacuated/shifted) to higher ground.
7. Thousands of children in the famine-striken area are suffering from (malnutrition/undernourishment).
10. Heavy snow has fallen in the mountains and many villages have been (blocked out/cut off) for the past two days.
11 .The Aids (epidemic/plague) is having serious effects in some countries.
12. Many small islands in the Indian Ocean are threatened by rising sea (waters/levels).

Cartoon review

1. Despite the confidence that is shown through the teenager’s words to himself, they actually reflect how nervous and worry he is towards the exam that he is going to sit for. He is trying very hard to keep himself cool and relax so that he can remember whatever he has studied the day before the exam.

2. The father is trying to have a conversation with the teenager but his topic of conversation is always the same. The teenager cannot understand his parents’ good intention. Instead, he feels fed up with it but he has chosen a more sarcastic way to signal his parents they are boring.

3. The teenager is complaining to his father that their home internet connection is very bad. He is getting frustrated in waiting for the website to appear as internet is now an important entertainment tool for him.